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What's your XRP sale price?

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At what price will you begin selling your XRP? And what price will you be willing to sell it all (if at any price?) 


For me I'm personally HODL'ing until it hits about $30 per XRP (I expect sometime around 2020) at which time I might sell 20-25% of my stack. Next price would be $100, then probaly $250. I'll keep a little just in case for the next decade to see how high the price can go too

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$7 to clear the mortgage and the car loan...at that point ill be out apart from a smallish stack for the "just in case" At that point i dont think the price is to unrealistic and would be considered a massively successful return. 32 and debt free would just be quite awesome.


Should add though if it does reach some stupid levels and blasts past 7 ill probably hang on for a bit...

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5 minutes ago, Flintstone said:

My current stack would pay off my mortgage at £10. I'm still accumulating under £1 so maybe I'll have 2 stacks, one for the mortgage and one for the long hold!

Going to sort out a couple of 10 year escrows for the kids too!

Great idea for the kids. However I'm considering 3-5 years. 

This could change so much in ten years. Ripple could be the MySpace to somebody else's Facebook.

Still....  ?589+


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49 minutes ago, Flintstone said:

Going to sort out a couple of 10 year escrows for the kids too!

My alternative suggestion is a little bit of work but I think it’s better than a lockup in escrow because...   life happens...

I think you should not write down a secret key without using some sort of personal code to modify it.  So if it is ever seen by the wrong people it still isn’t accessible.  

Having said that...   

You can make a time capsule type card that is the wallet for kids...   basically a greeting card with the secret key inside.  

So you prepare a wallet and load it with Zerps and test it can send with the key.  Now get a pretty card and slip the secret key inside. ( Modify the key with your code if you can get a foolproof, futureproof way of doing that and the recipient will know how to decode)

Test that strong light and daylight can’t reveal the key inside.  Add layers of coloured paper if it can be seen through.

Then laminate the card.  It’s good for decades now,  and looks good and will be kept securely for the day in the future you want them to access it.  

Just an alternative suggestion.  

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2 hours ago, bluedalmatian said:

Do you really think it could reach $10, $20, $50, $100+ with such a high supply, esp as 60% of that supply isnt yet in circulation?

Ummm. Pretty sure it can hit any of those targets if half the small country of South Korea sent it to $3.50 + in less than 4 weeks. That was proof enough to me that enough volume can be achieved to move price significantly, especially with real use cases and many more citizens joining the party. 

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Selling 10% at 10$ to quit my job and fund my travel plans. Main target is 28$ which is when I will be financially independent ?

Planning on keeping at least 5k XRP till I am a grandpa (22 now).

Just imagine what a stack of 5k XRP could be worth in 50 years. Should be able to buy a retirement home for me and all my grandpa friends ?

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