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The event has been closed

The Knight of Ahhrrgg

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Dear esteemed members of the Anti-Club club,

I am hereby informing you, albeit with an awful amount of regret, that the first non-event of the Anti-Club club has just ended - without any result.

The total amount of cast votes read as follows:
* The aye's to the right (in favour of extending the event for one more day):  0
* The no's to the left (in favour of fetching a pint) : 0
As a result, the event was adjourned by the Speaker (who needed to leave the party early to get a long-awaited enema).

Please give us any input as to how to go forward with our beloved Club meetings.
Your input is much appreciated!

Here's to you,

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On second thought...  the esteemed tin-hatted-board of the Anti-Club club has now decided to arrange for a BBQ in Shangrila, just to offer all of our members a well-deserved slice of alien meat. 

Who's in?  Any applications for attending this BBQ should be in by August 1st , 2018.

Also - being vegetarian ourselves - we are sorry for frying aliens. As it turns out, one is without sin in this world.
Again, we're sorry. So let the BBQ commence!

To you,

(Oh sh00t, that was me finger touching the bloody hot BBQ! )


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