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hi guys

how about the report! It would be the biggest load of crap I have read in a year.

The authors have questions over their integrity ... the head of this “group” was fired for pretty serious misdemeanors from a previous crypto group .. clearly they have their own dubious agenda.

Take no notice. It’s RUBBISH

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The fact that anyone has taken this so called report seriously is laughable. 

I suggest to do some research on the authors of this so called report. In my opinion, neither of the authors have enough foresight in the financial spectrum. 

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Ripple need to fail this year with xRapid (in the next 4 months) for XRP to be 1 cent in ten years.  If xRapid runs smoothly after it goes live, then XRP has made history as the first crypto/digital asset to be used as a bridge currency. Even if Ripple capture 5% of their market, they will make good money and be a success, and XRP will be successful. 

The report does not even mention the Lightning Network (with all its associated problems too) for BTC which is significant - I don't honestly think they're aware of such a significant development within BTC.  They lazily refer to XRP as "centralized" (it's clearly not) and "not needed within their own network" - again, xRapid proves that wrong, and it going live will negate this report 100%. To sum up, the report was written by people ignorant of technical developments and have a complete lack of understanding as to the use-cases of each respective crypto.

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6 hours ago, xSODAx said:

I also expect that all coins with an anonymous trading mechanism will not survive regulations. No government could permit a system that allows terror financing or money laundering.

So their predictions failed... this is nonsense

Or you could just go around the KYC requirements and use a decentralized exchange like Bisq. https://bisq.network

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9 hours ago, vsyc said:

Well, there is a huge faith of xRapid to prod, but one haz to understand that xRapid is already used in many caseses, labling or expecting something from saying that software is now has 1.0.0 version is huge milestone but really not impacts price.

Same saying that Ripple has to fail with xRapid this year to be 0.01 some time other year is huge nonsense, as their is just planty time to recover.

Where this "this year" comes from at all? 

xRapid goes live this year.  If it goes smoothly, then xRapid has a future, and XRP has a future.  I think this is the make or break year for XRP - really.  You can think: "if xRapid doesn't go smoothly in 2018,  they can make it happen in 2019 or 2020".  NO.  They build it up from this year. This is the year.  That's good news for XRP holders - we will know sooner rather than later.  I'd rather lose my money this year than wait 3 years to find out XRP failed.  Guys, the rubber hits the road THIS YEAR.  Big corridors being serviced by xRapid - Philippines, US, Mexico.  Small volume this year, building up from here on out.  xRapid cannot wait until 2020 to be a success. It must start this year to consolidate its grip on Fintech.

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On 9/3/2018 at 5:24 PM, vsyc said:

You have a lot of biased, loud, groundless, selfish statements. I think that your trading targets speak for you, rather than rationale.

Big proble, is that you shout xRapid to prod, but where is official defeinition of what is prod? Where is a official list of things, that has done done points to say that now its prod? 

There is more questions than answers, but you loud about laugable "this year"

It's not groundless - xRapid is going live this year officially. 

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