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150 days of Allvor: report on the activities


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150 days of Allvor: report on the activities

This evaluation summarizes the project’s activities in the first 150 days since its launch. Allvor was launched on March 29, 2018 and it surprised most people.

Although the XRP Ledger is an open platform, Allvor is the first project in the world not owned by Ripple Company that benefits from its qualities, including the scale and speed of transaction processing.

Initial Distribution Program

The Initial Distribution Program for XRP holders was presented at the project’s launch and is still running. Houlders of Ripple accounts created until March 27, 2018 can access the Allvor portal and request the payment, according to the Program’s rules.

Until the end of August, 259,045,688.5 ALV have been distributed to 6,094 accounts. 42,508.31 ALV is the average amount that has been distributed for each account.

The Program is still running. As we have previously stated, the closing date of the Allvor’s Initial Distribution Program will be informed in advance.


Since the beginning of the project, we contacted Coinmarketcap and filled out the forms with the requested information. After some messaging and additional inquiries, the Coinmarketcap team replied that it was too early to include Allvor in the portal, advising us to resubmit the project later.

We believe that, for now, Coinmarketcap has decided not to include Allvor due to the fact that it is traded only on the XRP Ledger decentralized platform and with a daily volume of less than $100,000 per day.

This scenario should change with Allvor’s listing in the first exchange and with the progressive expansion of the ALV circulation and daily trading. Taking this into account, the achievement of this goal has been moved forward to the Q4 of 2018 in our Roadmap.


The first Exchange to list Allvor will be Criptohub, a new Brazilian exchange that comes with great expectations. Criptohub was mentioned at Forbes with a potential to become a “Binance from Latin America.” It started its activities in August and has already announced the listing of Allvor, which is expected to happen in September (date to be confirmed).

On these 150 days, Allvor’s team has contacted and filled out the form of 12 exchanges. We have received some positive responses, but all based on the need for expressive payments to list the Project.

Our team will continue to seek new exchanges to list Allvor, look for partnerships and keep in touch with exchanges previously contacted in order to broaden Allvor’s trading possibilities.


Allvorpay is the Allvor’s e-commerce payment platform. It integrates e-commerce platforms and ALV payments from the blockchain, making it possible to pay with ALV in real-time at virtual stores. Allvorpay calculates the conversion rate, generates invoices, monitors the payment, and informs the online store, in real time, that the payment for the goods has been made.

The use of the Allvorpay platform is free. Payments are made directly to merchants’ accounts within 3 seconds, with no “middlemen” and no fees.

In order to use Allvorpay, merchants must go through a quick registration, generate an identification token, and install the plug-in specific to their platform, for example, the WooCommerce Allvorpay plug-in.

The Allvorpay platform and the Allvorpay Woocommerce plug-in are already under development. The Magento Allvorpay plug-in will be developed in the Q4.


The first Advisor to join Allvor was Humberto Cagno, a seasoned executive with a successful track record in multinationals such as Siemens and Motorola, with operations in Brazil, Latin America, Germany, and the USA.

Updated Roadmap

The emergence of Allvorpay and the priority given to its development brought about some important changes in our planning. To speed up the project’s results, we have focused on the development of the payment platform and the plug-ins to be installed on e-commerce platforms by merchants.

With that, we will deliver the WooCommerce and Magento plug-ins earlier than the originally planned, in addition to the Allvorpay payment platform. Moreover, we have added two more plug-ins for e-commerce platforms, which were not present in the Roadmap’s previous version.
To make room for the development, some deliverables have been moved forward.

The Allvor Roadmap’s new version represents a speedup in the delivery of e-commerce payment solutions, which are the Project’s main purpose. We believe that this is the best path for Allvor’s development.

See our updated Roadmap

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On 9/1/2018 at 12:28 PM, panmores said:

Allvorpay, sounds interesting, @Allvor

Any more details to share?

What's making this payment solution unique?

Real time transactions!

On 8/31/2018 at 3:25 PM, Allvor said:

The use of the Allvorpay platform is free. Payments are made directly to merchants’ accounts within 3 seconds, with no “middlemen” and no fees.


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