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Sir, lost two weeks.I put the wrong Ripple tag at destination address


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Sir i am requesting you today. I was writing wrong Ripple tag at destination address. Approximately two weeks 

I put the wrong Ripple tag.which is- 1861943070

And write Ripple tag- 1861943470

I sent 46.33 Ripple 

So can't find my Ripple 


Withdrawal Details

Reference ID




Transaction Fees




Transaction ID




Date & Time

19 Aug, 2018, 00:37:56



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Hi Aditya - did you try to use the ledger explorer to see what has happened? This is your transaction on the explorer: https://bithomp.com/explorer/rJXcrnAS8XoBwjvd5VrShrLMY8buPuiuC5

Also - if you are trying to move XRP from one exchange to another, you need to raise it with the relevant exchange. I don't think exchange employees are actively monitoring this forum for these types of questions.

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On 9/1/2018 at 6:59 AM, Aditya32 said:

Sir can i receive my Ripple with Ripple community. Can we help me sir. 

Because sir transactions hash id showing withdrawal have done. 

Please help me sir 

We can't help, except to advise you what to do.

You must contact coinpayments.net and explain what happened, and hope they will refund you.

It looks like you sent the XRP from an exchange account, so if coinpayments.net does refund you, make sure that they know to include your destination tag for the exchange, or else you will be in the same situation again.

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