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massive money moved on XRP ledger...


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Just now, AlibabaGrp said:

Where was this moved from? From Escrow? No one has this much XRP except founders or escrow

no idea. I would love to know though. Anyone have a list of high profile known account addresses? For info behind this it would be worth comparing addresses to find out. :)

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The second TX is a little more vague, but the source account seems to have seemed to send funds to both Ripple Distribution and Ripple Holding accounts:


The destination has the same signer list as above



Again with the same entries originating from the following account tagged with "Ripple Distribution"


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15 minutes ago, Zedy44 said:

For the first transaction I believe the source r9kkWNia8PmpR44L7mWZn33Hpff3CCzLjA is Chris Larsen.  No idea about the destination rDbWJ9C7uExThZYAwV8m6LsZ5YSX3sa6US.

The second transaction again the source rHYTJDFrbCU1i2yCENTg9yjUrHHGaYTB4D is likely a founder as it has been mentioned before years ago as part of the block of addresses in control of either the founders or Ripple.  Probably it's Chris again?  No idea about the destination r93oSNBKuFjuKt8GxhF8VYaGzzwsNDPaX5.  Both destination addresses sat pretty much unused since they were activated on Dec 1st 2017.

Right before the last bull run ?

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6 minutes ago, ImTheRippler said:

If thats Jed he just moved basically his whole bag.  Wonder whats going on, did they buy him out?

It could be the case....some big moves are happening here. I've never ever heard of moves this big (6Bn is 13.33% of the total XRP in circulation to remind you guys here).  That's one HELL of a move.  That it's going from Jed to a multi-sig account suggests a benevolent move - a business move, and not a rogue move that might involve dumping. 

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