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What's Your Lowest Price Per XRP?

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Jan. 2017  0.004€     

this is why some people are buying CSC. right now, if you spend $500 on CSC, you get ~ 1,250,000 csc's if it ever goes to just a penny, thats $12,500 you could spend on XRP. gosh, for s

First bought at .21. Bought more on the way up. Sold some. Bought more at .30s. Avg. cost around .25

34 minutes ago, Zerptime said:

When? You mean if? Xrp itself is a high risk investment with a small chance of being successful and you're nssyijg csc an unknown coin with long ways to go to actually be good is guaranteed profits? 

Small chance of being successful? Dude, stars are aligning for xrp. Read news, they already have plenty banks waiting in line to work with ripple. Last bull run was speculation driven and we didn't even have plenty of good news as we have now. It's the matter of a year to see double digits (xrapid going live late 2018).

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£0.00 way back when Ripple were giving it away. Kicking myself now for thinking '000s would be enough but at the time it didn't make sense to buy huge numbers when I could get it for free. The bump in May 2017 renewed my interest and I bought more at about £0.10.

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17 hours ago, XRPto50dollars said:

i cant tell if youre joking.


Why couldn't you tell if I was joking?  Should be fairly obvious I was seriously asking the question.  Use case looks interesting, what are the prospects for addition to other exchanges?  Is CFinex reliable?

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