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What's Your Lowest Price Per XRP?

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Just curious to see how cheap people have managed to buy XRP. Fairly new to XRP but when i originally heard about it it was below a cent per coin but thought it had no future oh boy how i was wrong lol!

I'll start... I have managed to get $0.33 but more than 50% of what I hold was at $0.60+ 

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Jan. 2017  0.004€     

this is why some people are buying CSC. right now, if you spend $500 on CSC, you get ~ 1,250,000 csc's if it ever goes to just a penny, thats $12,500 you could spend on XRP. gosh, for s

First bought at .21. Bought more on the way up. Sold some. Bought more at .30s. Avg. cost around .25

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