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I'm a member of the Association for Financial Professionals and I just got this email...

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57 minutes ago, Chris_Reeves said:

This is a massive organization for financial professionals.

Thank you for posting this. It's a great insight into just how successful Ripple has become in getting their solutions out and into the hands of the financial mover and shakers. Almost overnight, they've become the standard to which every other system will ultimately be compared to. Their superior solutions to the money moving problems will be hard to argue with as adoption continues to spread. It's easy to see how they might soon become the world standard.

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Hi Christopher,   Interested in how you can reduce your cross-border payments inefficiencies? Then download the new AFP Payments Guide, underwritten by MUFG Union Bank.   In this g

Thanks guys! This was significant validation for me that we're on the right track. I'll keep updating as I receive more on the subject.

This is perfect. They mention SWIFT gpi as 'on traditional payment rails'. The writing on the wall is so clear that even a blind person can read it.

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41 minutes ago, Baelish said:

I really liked the last part. Shows how important xCurrent is to be able to sign up customers.

Screenshot from 2018-08-24 21-53-40.png

Awesome quote and I love this comparison to Netflix. It is a multi-generational quote that appeals to multiple types of audiences. For the layman, it means faster delivery and for the financial analyst it means the start of a new era for consumer habits and expectations. 

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