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XRP price in 3 years.


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In the old days sailors caught in the horse latitudes would go mad from the lack of movement.  The
absence of any direction.  They would bob for days and days with nothing to report, no meaningful task
to perform.  A survival tactic was the sharing of tall tales - always with the moral being a breaking free
of mind-bending monotony.  Some would resort to obsession over the most inconsequential of details,
magnifying them out of all relation to their real-world importance.  Tops on the list was agreement - the strident
singing of the same song.  Help is on the way, lads.  All you have to do is believe.

In modern times when the wind dies calm, the sea is flat and the horizon is uniform in every direction. But sailors need not worry as they are guided by machines in outer space and soothed by the low rumble of the ever churning diesel engines on decks below, relentlessly pushing towards the destination.
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I think we will see gradual increase in price over the next couple of years up to $100 and there it will stay rock solid . Ideal for payments large and small using the drops for micropayments. 

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On 8/25/2018 at 4:40 AM, Hodor said:

I'm honestly not sure I'm following the discussion completely...

If this is Galgitron's blog, just know that I haven't read the blog in question; however, I glanced at this quoted piece:

"suppress centralization of XRP" left me absolutely clueless. 

I wouldn't depend on a blogger - even myself - to determine what Ripple's strategy is with XRP. 

Instead, I'd look to many statements by JoelKatz or Miguel Vias.  The topic of 'how is Ripple going to manage its XRP' has been bandied about more times than I can remember.  This is what prompted the decision to place Ripple's XRP in escrow.  In addition, Ripple has consistently been putting  that XRP back in escrow when unsold or unused - this is tracked by the community easily in publicly-available transactions. 

The release curve is projected to last up to thirty years, and seems to match the same curve as an increasing difficulty curve of proof-of-work systems:


XRP gets into the hands of banks and financial institutions one of two ways:  1) Direct sales if they wish to hold XRP while using xRapid, or 2) Dynamic purchases on an exchange if they don't wish to hold XRP as they use xRapid.  There's no need to 'worry' about ownership decentralization, unless I'm missing something. 

Regardless, as XRP is used at scale, bank's holdings will not be enough over time, and they will need to purchase from the open market IMO. 

Anyways, as I said, I may not be tracking the entire convo, so feel free to clarify or elaborate. 

It's quite hard to imagine at this point how scarce XRP will be:

Imagine 200 Banks want to buy xrp for all their offices in the world. That's literally tens of thousands offices having XRP on their account to trade with. Let's say every office needs 500,000 zerps as a minimum, times 10,000 or more. That alone would require 5 billion XRP, just for penny-trades. Now think about FI's moving tens of billions worth of dollars every day: bingo! On top of that there would be needed tens of billions of XRP to move around money in the Derivates market........

Please keep in mind that the circulating amount of XRP of 40 billion coins isn't available on the market at all atm. It would be 10-12 billion max. I read in another post.

Once this coin goes in full production 10, 50, 100 or maybe even 1,000 dollars a coin won't be enough. It's the timeframe we all are anxious about. This could take-off next week, but might take 2-3 years. HODL is the keyword people. We don't wanna be Greg...

For me it's quite simple. I invested what i can afford to loose. I will sell gradually down the upward line, taking some profits but leaving most of my xrp for insane prices. If it goes to zero: i will kick myself in the ..ss but move on with my life as usual. If it turns out to be the best investment i've ever could have made, i'm financially independent for the rest of my life.

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