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AMERICAN NATIONAL BANCORP, INC (anbc.us) in XRPL validator registry

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They are connected to: https://www.generaltrademarkets.us/

They have the same address, same office in same building: https://www.zoominfo.com/c/general-trade-markets-limited/425172324

American National Bancorp is also listed as a partner on General Trade Markets website above... Given that they share the same office in the same company, I take it they are the same company or something close to it.

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1 minute ago, Lamberth said:

Statistics of the validator are even worse. 0.07?!

Thanks @Trusty-X

Might be a janky validator and website but it's still the first bank (bank holding company... See Federal Reserve) on the XRPL validator registry with a verified domain. Take it or leave it, just sharing.

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9 minutes ago, trogdor said:

I still see it there.

Nevermind, it's listed here (https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/validators) but the page 404s now. ?


I swear it was there, and then it wasn't there for a few minutes.  Now I see it back up.

When I saw it there the first time, the domain link didn't work, as you notice now.

@Tehol_Beddict, was the address you cited, i.e., https://www.anbc.us/, the one that was listed in the validator registry?  Because it's now a 404 dead-end, and people above are finding a different banking entity with the same name in Wisconsin.

For the one you are pointing us to, US Bank is a partner, at least through General Trade Markets:




Noticed some other big brokers too.  (The other WI bank is much smaller.)

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