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The Funniest Thing Ever

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54 minutes ago, dragonbait said:

It's not funny, but if you want to see some cool magic check out a friend of mine


https://www.magicbymio.com/ I will bring him to the 10$ Vegas party 

Crazy stuff!

The best card trick I've ever learned (which I made a lot of money on in high school and college) is below.  My high school typing teacher taught it to me.  I'm nowhere near as good as your friend, but feel free to try it out if you wish - it's actually quite easy.

Take a deck of 52 cards.  Separate them out by suit - 4 separate piles - arrange each pile in descending order, from Ace to 2.

Then, the object is this: Spades, hearts, clubs, diamonds, descending by multiples of 3.  So you'll start with the ace of spades, the next card you'll add below that will be the jack of hearts, the next card will be the 8 of clubs, the next card will be the 5 of diamonds, and so-on, until you've built your pre-stacked deck of cards.

Now, when presenting the trick, first of all, spread all the cards across a table, so that everyone can clearly see the deck isn't stacked, as it certainly won't appear to be, and I've never been called out on it before.  Then, once they're convinced the deck isn't stacked, you can even shuffle the cards.  Not the traditional shuffle whereby you have 2 separate piles of cards and shuffle them, but the kind of shuffle whereby you take parts of the deck of cards and remove some from the bottom and then replace them on the top.  Do this as many times as you wish.  Then, even offer the other person to cut the cards.  None of this matters.  The order of the cards will not have changed.

Just remember, spades, hearts, clubs, diamonds, in descending multiples of 3.  Then, spread the deck of cards out in your hands, and offer the person to choose any card at random.  After they've chosen their card, just place your finger on where they pulled the card from the deck.  Then tell them something ridiculous like, "Look at your card, but don't let me see it, then go to the other side of the room and place the card face down under that coffee cup, or put the card under your shoe - or whatever."  Anything to divert their attention from you for a few seconds.

While they're doing this, you quickly check where you've placed your finger to see the card which is above the card the other person chose.  You then put the deck down on your desk (or wherever) while they're placing their card in whatever ridiculous place you've told them to.

So now you know the previous card.  Say for example it's a 9 of clubs - well then YOU know their card is the 6 of diamonds.  Challenge them to a bet that you can guess the card.  Rinse and repeat.  I've never had anyone in my life that's been able to figure this out.  It amazes them, yet it's so simple.

Including @Flintstone on this post, just since he's been such a good contributor.

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22 minutes ago, BarryM17 said:

Crazy stuff!

The best card trick I've ever learned (which I made a lot of money on in high school and college) is below.  My high school typing teacher taught it to me.  I'm nowhere near as good as your friend, but feel free to try it out if you wish - it's actually quite easy.

I was in the entertainment business for almost 15 years when not on tour I would work at the preforming art center as a rigger for Broadway plays and such, we had David Copperfield in a few times over the years,  When Mio would go fishing with me he would always ask how did did Copperfield do such and such, my answer was always the same, With magic, drove him nuts




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Okay, such a difficult decision to make.  So many good entries.  So many laughs.  Thanks to all whom participated.

At the end of it all, I simply can not deny @Flintstone, he seriously did make me laugh the most.  I assume you want me to send the 100 XRP to the same address you've previously given me?

However, if interested, I also LMAO'd at @JoelQuinn's Russian boy post, and would gladly send them 25 XRP if they're interested.  If interested, PM me a wallet address.  If tag info is required. Please provide.

Also LMAO'd at some of the stuff @dtones5503 posted.  If interested in 25 XRP PM me with what I just mentioned in the above sentence

Lastly, even though @DariStar said they were here just for the meme's and didn't care about the XRP, I LMAO'd at your post, so if you are interested in 25 XRP, refer to the above, and reply accordingly.

Payments will be sent Monday morning.

Again, thanks everyone for the laughs.

Mods, please lock the thread.

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Nice one Bazza!

I’m currently toying with Ripple-lib on the Raspberry Pi. I’m thinking about attempting an Escrow and when I’m confident I’ve got it down, I’m going to create 2 10 year Escrows for my girls - at the end of which - they’ll both be approaching university.

All the Xrp I have won from your competitions, I’ll split between the two wallets and hopefully in 10 years time, you’ll have contributed at least $10,000 dollars each towards their education!

I plan on doing a couple of tutorials too, once I’m confident enough.

Thanks for running these competitions Barry. Been a good laugh ?

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