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The Funniest Thing Ever

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59 minutes ago, BarryM17 said:

100 XRP.

Unlimited entries to people registered prior to 8-22-18.

Post a meme, a joke, a video, anything you want that is humorous.

Deadline for entry is this Friday - 2 days from now - 11:59 PM Eastern (US) time.

I don't see a logical way to putting this to vote via a poll - would take too much work and cheating could be involved - so since it's my contest, I will choose the winner based on whichever made me laugh the most.

I blame @Flintstone for this.  He had me in tears just a short while ago after posing a Chuck Norris video.  So much fun.  I really enjoy laughing.  @Flintstone is not allowed to use the same video in this thread.

Barry thank you for making me laugh. Love you brother.

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