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Updated Coinbase Blog - Core Principles


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So I know we are not reliant on Coinbase for a listing and I have personally let this issue go, however my tinfoil hat got me thinking when I read the new blog on Coinbase Institutional Core Principles by Adam White the Vice President & General Manager at Coinbase. Firstly please dont result to insults because I mention Coinbase, I am not a behemoth speculator, this just got me wondering.

Coinbase has always stated that they will list coins which are in line with their Digital Assest Framework which speaks to decentralization etc bla bla. Furthermore they have stated that their process for listing new assets will firstly be announced via their blog. 

In the blog they describe their 5 Core Principles which will guide their institutional business. 

The principles include:

  • Operate a fair and orderly market
  • Protect our customers with institutional-grade infrastructure and processes
  • Enforce transparent market rules and governance
  • Provide fair access to all market participants
  • Publicly disclose listing practices and market rules

The fifth core principle is expanded on below.

Principle Five: Publicly disclose listing practices and market rules

Our commitment: We will add new assets and instruments in a clear and transparent way.

Our actions:

  • Strict, transparent adherence to a transparent listing process, which considers factors such as sophistication and security of technology, governance processes, market demand and regulatory considerations, among others. Updates to this framework will be communicated publicly
  • Every new asset will be announced in a transparent and consistent way, ensuring equal information sharing across our customer base
  • Maintain strong relationships with liquidity providers in order to provide robust markets throughout the launch of an asset

This principle as described does sound like it may open the door to an XRP listing as it does seem to be in line with the prescriptions described above?

My point I guess is that with the official amalgamation of GDAX and Coinbase maybe they have moved away from their Digital Assest Framework guideline and will add new assets in line with the guiding principles above?


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