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Last week I sent a significant sum of US dollars to Bistamp from the US using the bank information provided on the site which informed me that they only take US dollars coming from the USA. Today the money was returned saying the bank account no longer exists. Does Bitstamp take wires from the US and if so how does one get it there?



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BitStamp recently changed their account for USD.  Make sure you sent the wire to this account:




Also, you need to make sure that your first and last name on your bank account exactly matches that on your Bitstamp account.  If it doesn't, they will reject the wire.

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14 minutes ago, LAH said:

Could you tell me where you found that on their website. I am not seeing it. Thank you 

When you initiate a wire in Bitstamp they will give you the information.  Did you initiate the wire in Bitstamp first before you wired your initial funds?  Don't wire anything until you initiate it on Bitstamp's side.

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