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An NFL Football Player - U.S. Football, Not Soccer


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100 XRP.  Unlimited guesses for users registered prior to 8-20-18.

No, you can not list every single football player that ever played in one post.  One player per post

You must list the name of the football player, their date of birth, and the college they attended.

Hints will be provided along the way.

Hint #1:  Since I've already self-proclaimed myself to be a Dallas Cowboy fan, this player was never a Dallas Cowboy

Hint #2: This person is no longer actively playing.

Hint #3:  In reference to a user's guess of Jerry Rice -  "Wow, that's CRAZY!  That's exactly the first player I chose, then at the last minute I decided I'd pick a less obscure player, although he still won a Superbowl Ring.  Plus this is all part of the next hint, which is Buddy Ryan."

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