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5th Stupidest Giveaway EVER???


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Name the movie I have in mind.  Name the actor/actress in this movie that I have in mind.  Name a specific item this actor/actress has in their possession at one point in the movie.  First person to guess correctly wins.  Obviously nobody will guess all these things correctly without hints, which will be provided along the way as per usual.

Winner receives 100 XRP.  As per usual, don't complain about the amount - it's something for free - how can you complain about getting something for free?

As per usual, don't criticize me.  I do these things for a reason, which if you've read anything I've said, you'd understand.  Participate, or don't - it makes no difference to me.

No, you can't just list every movie/actor/actress/item in 1 post.  All 3 things must be mentioned in individual posts.  Unlimited amount of posts are allowed to users registered prior to 8-19-18.

Hint #1: "LOL, it's not Titanic.  Think more like money."

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