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4th Stupidest Giveaway EVER!!!


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I'm thinking of a specific song.  You must correctly name the song and the artist/band, etc.  Also, I think this is too easy, and someone will win too soon, so in addition, you must also reference 1 specific word from the lyrics that I've already determined.  If you've come up with the correct song, the specific word really isn't that hard to figure out.  Hints may be provided along the way, as per usual.  Unlimited guesses to any users registered prior to 8-19-18.

Again, small amount - just 100 XRP.

No, you can not simply list every song ever made in one single post.  1 song, 1 guess at the word, per each post.

Also as said before, I do this crap to support the crypto ecosystem.  Participate, or don't - I could care less.

If @Lord_MoldyButt wins for a 3rd time in a row, I'm going to be seriously freaked out.

Hint #1: Boeing.

Hint #2: "Bugs."

Hint #3: Think about things that are notorious for spawning a lot.

Hint #4: Somebody has guessed the correct song, and the correct artist/band, but not correctly guessed the correct word.  Getting so close now.

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