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Third Stupidest Giveaway EVER???


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19 minutes ago, Ripple-Stiltskin said:

I’m playing with the idea to run a “ crypto simulation game” on the board. 

The idea is to compress 2 years of imaginairy XRP and crypto developments in let’s say 5 play rounds and let members decide what to do ( buy/sell/hold) with their initial stack ( say 10k XRP) after being given some initial info before each round.  The member with the biggest stack after 5 rounds wins. 

Events and prices are predetermined by the game-mods and will contain the usual crypto unpredictability. 

Who will win? The holders? The swingtraders? The sellers? 

Not really developed all in detail, but you get the basic idea I hope. Could be complex though. 


Interesting, indeed.

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