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Third Stupidest Giveaway EVER???


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Unlimited entries for users registered prior to 8-18-18.  Again, just doing this because 1.) I'm bored, 2.) This crap makes me laugh, and 3.) I enjoy contributing to the crypto ecosystem..

Again, meager sum - 100 XRP.  And as I've said before, don't complain - it's something for free.  Take it or leave it.  Not interested, then don't participate.  I could care less.  And again, don't criticize me - I can do whatever I want with my money - it's mine, not yours.

Couldn't come up with any other stupider ideas (anyone who has some please feel free to share).

So I enjoyed the last giveaway thread, so we'll just stick to that topic.  I have chosen an actor or actress.  Whomever first correctly chooses, wins 100 XRP.  In addition, since I've obviously run out of ideas for stupid giveaways, if anyone has any ideas, please post them or PM them to me.

Also, I do this not only to contribute to the crypto ecosystem, but also to get a few laughs.  So please feel free to make things funny.

And no, you can not just list every single actor or actress that has ever lived and win.  One name per post.

Edit #1: It's a female.

Edit #2: Hint #2: Trying to make it easier here.  She carries a gun.

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