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i'm not ready to miss the train again


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Hello everybody, 

i launched my ripple & crypto  T-shirt's store, i think the last march !! in order to earn some money to buy xrp, but unfortunately i sold just few items : ) i think i'm good in design but not in selling things : )

After the last fall, i  started to see it as another chance (the last chance ) for me to jump in the train : ) My puorpose is reaching 300$ ( i think i need to sell bteween 50-60 items in order to reach it ) idk what to say!! but i'll be glad guys if you can support my store.

you will see double items ,because tshirts are manufactured in usa and europe to save cost & time of shipping 

Thank you in advance



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7 minutes ago, PG1 said:

I see a lot of Ripple's logo.  You should create some designs with the XRP symbol ;)

edit: @default gave the default response faster than me...

i tought that i should stick to the logo, because people would like to have it as a souvenir or something !! i designed some regular items as well without logo : ) 

I'll try to design something original : ) Thanks ?

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