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Stupidest Giveaway EVER!


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Someone recently returned 200 XRP to my spare Toast wallet, and I told them I would send the XRP to another user.

Can't think of any good ideas, so let's just get stupid about it.

Post a number between 1 and 3000.  If someone posts the number I've chosen, they immediately win and I will send them 200 XRP.  If by the last day of August, 2018 (this month), nobody has guessed the exact number, then whomever came closest wins, and I will send them the XRP.  Limit - 1 entry per user.  You have to be registered on XRP Chat no later than 8-16-2018 to participate.  In the event, for example, 1 person guesses 2 numbers below, and 1 person guesses 2 numbers above, the bounty will be split.

I'll even try to help people out to speed up the process.  I'm a Dallas Cowboy fan.

Edit #1: Any user registered no later than 8-16-2018 can guess as many times as they wish.  I'd rather see someone win sooner than later, plus somehow this is fun.

Edit #2: No, you can not just post every single number based on a number generator or whatever.  You may post as many times as you wish, but with each post, just post 1 number.

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