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Where do you see ripple in 10 years?

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21 minutes ago, Cryptoball said:

EOY 2019 ripple is a multi trillion dollar company. XRP creates thousands of millionaires. This is coming faster than 10 years. 1-2 easily.  

Every payday I say to myself "Bob you've gotta stop buying XRP"............

Luckily I'm not Bob. :acute:

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Every payday I say to myself "Bob you've gotta stop buying XRP"............ Luckily I'm not Bob.

8 trillion dollar company. 4000 per XRP at least. 

No one should buy for 10 years.   It's definitely going to be testing 0.16 during August 2028.   Let's play the long game against the whales.   

In 10 years?

Probably everywhere in everything...

Through my eyes it's actually quite hard to accurately formulate a consistent theory.  With what, how, why, where, when and price I cannot begin to put a # on a price prediction.  If governments and financial institutions are using XRP on a regular basis with that kind of volume I would have to say that obviously over double digits easy.  

Just thinking how banks that use SWIFT to send payment instructions need to change their interfaces and business systems before November 2018 tells me that something huge is going on and I can't help but think that Ripple Labs Inc. has been working with government since day one.

I will say this with confidence,...

These current prices are not natural and won't last too much longer... Also, when it begins to rise it will rise quickly so much that I probably wont be able to afford it anymore...

Triple digits would be insane and change my life.

Four digits, I would have the best problem in the world.

I'd need a different colored Dodge Viper for each day of the month.

Better get some night vision cause we will be looking at the dark side of the moon.


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7 hours ago, llckll said:

I wish.  I'd be up $500,000,000.

In reality though, unless you are hardcore, you'll have cashed out a lot of your coins long before that price surely?

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51 minutes ago, ade said:

$40 would be amazingly awesome. Can only dream. 

$40 in 10 years and you think that’s awesome? Honestly I’d be really disappointed if that the price in 10 years, unless it had dropped from $500 ?

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