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XRP added on PLAAK and Cryptopay


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PLAAK is an online platform that provides blockchain related services. These include services such as trading cryptocurrencies, finding freelance jobs, and accessing private health insurance and medical records.

Allegedly, these will be integrated with services payable in cryptocurrencies such as an e-market, payrolls, and healthcare.

The pairs introduced on the exchange part of the platform are XRP/Austrailian Dollar [AUD], XRP/Bitcoin [BTC], XRP/ Ethereum [ETH], and XRP/PLK, PLAAK’s native token. The move to add XRP as a means to pay for these type of services will enable for a leap forward in adoption.

Cryptopay, on the other hand, is a wallet and cryptocurrency card provider. It allows its users to manage BTC by converting between various fiat currencies such as US Dollar [USD], Euro [EUR] and Great Britain Pounds [GBP]. Users can also send funds to other wallets, and withdraw at ATMs using the Cryptopay card.

The platform currently offers these services for Bitcoin [BTC], Litecoin [LTC] and now XRP. With upwards of 120,000 cards issued, and over 910,000 registered users, the addition of XRP on the platform will drive new people to utilize it as they would use currency.


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