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Anyone good with Photoshop?! Need to fix 'XRP Text Mark' issues #XRPcommunity


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The current XRP 'text mark' (basically the logo with full 'XRP' not just the 'X') needs some work. It looks... well, very sloppy, IMO! But things can be improved. I'ddo it myself but we need someone very good with Photoshop, really. Anyway I've put the link to the recommended fixes below and included the current sloppy text mark logo as well. Thanks guys.



Some inconsistencies I've noticed in the XRP Text Mark design, which to some can come across as sloppy/unprofessional:

  • The 'X' is wider than the other two chars. They ought to have consistent widths.
  • Only the 'P' is missing a stylized 'gap', which seems imbalanced/inconsistent.
  • The top-left corner of the 'R' is rounded/smoothed, but the 'P' is not. Again, not consistent design.
  • The widths of the two gaps (in chars 'X' and 'R' but missing from 'P') are also inconsistent widths.

I do not believe these fall into the subjective category because they can be classed as internally inconsistent and are quite noticeable to the casual as well as keen eye.


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Would someone with a respectable Twitter account perhaps be able to contact Clare and the graphic/design team at Ripple to see if they could do it? Probably be a quick job for the pros!

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13 hours ago, WrathofKahneman said:

Wondered about this.  Is a known font involved?  The kerning issues aren't a big deal but the P looks wrong.  Either the X is different (logo) or all characters should be the same.

As far as I could find some time ago, there is no font used for this symbol. 

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  • 3 weeks later...

thanks for the interest -- finally!

so if no font, it'd have to be a hack job then? is clare still on this forum do we know? or any other ripplers who can ask?

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