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Mexican exchange Volabit lists pair XRP / MXN


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2 hours ago, Quinson said:

In Mexico we now have two exchanges that handle the XRP / MXN pair, Bitso.com and Volabit.com. Greetings.

Thanks for the info.  I really love Bitso, but I like diversifying my XRP among different exchanges.

Anyone have any personal experience with Volabit?

This week, I will probably open an account, fund it, and test it out including a test withdrawal and post my experiences here.

Unless someone here can talk me out of it first.

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My Volabit / Bitso Experience

So here in Mexico, there's Bitso and Volabit, and there's different advantages and disadvantages to each.
I use them both, and have not had any issues with either one.

With Bitso, anyone with an email address and a cellphone in Mexico can deposit, withdrawal, purchase, and sell XRP up to $5,300 pesos per day and $32,000 per month.
Volabit requires applicants to become verified members first, but their verification process is easier.
For instance, I'm not a Mexican citizen, but my wife is.  Bitso only allows my wife to be a verified member,   (solo con IFE o Pasaporte)
whereas Volabit allows me to become verified using my Visa (residente permanente).  
They both have much higher limits once verified ($100,000+ pesos per day and $500,000 per month).

They both have a very fast verification process and excellent customer service.
They both use SPEI for deposits and withdrawals, but Volabit does a batch process every night so transfers could take up to 24 hours to settle.
Whereas, I've never had a transfer take more than 5 minutes to settle with Bitso.  (usually 30 seconds or less)

Volabit has higher fees and only allows market orders.
Bitso has more cryptos to choose from and allows a variety of limit orders along with standard market orders.  (and detailed display of their order books)

So in conclusion, Volabit and Bitso are relatively the same, with Bitso being better in every way. 
(Probably because Bitso is THE exchange for xRapid)

If you're not a Mexican citizen, you'll need to use Volabit.  If you are, you're much better off with Bitso.  

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