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What do you think caused the xrp drop?

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33 minutes ago, Zrp said:

What do you think caused the xrp drop?


Because of xlm?

XLM has nothing to do with this I think.  Multifactorial...

simply put , this market is skiddish and not built on real utility, yet.

so be ready for the swings .(as if we haven’t seen some crazy ones this year:))

Supports at 0.29 usd, but the strongest support is around 0.2-0.25, not far from here.   




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There is no utility.  When there is only speculative demand and the sentiment turns, we always have huge drops.

BTC still has the most demand so it holds its value the best.  There was a fake rumor that spread about Stellar having a partnership with Facebook and that combined with the possible Coinbase listing meant Stellar had better support.

Decoupling from BTC and having fundamentals to measure value will occur for any crypto after there is some utility and real world demand.    So far nothing has changed.  There is greater awareness and a larger number of speculators but we move to the volatile whims of the market.   

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Heavy duty tin foil needed...

For entertainment purposes...

Well what I think doesn't matter...

We are merely being drug around while the owners get what they want...

Full control of the financial system...

Everything is already tracked but now it can be stored with Ripple's masterpiece.

My opinion is this, if you don't HODL XRP you will be left in the dust unable to do anything.

The Phoenix rising up out of the illusion of value that paper money on the 1988's Economist magazine should not to be overlooked.

BG123 didn't overlook it... 

From my perspective, 2018 is just the beginning... Could be until 2022 or later before every nation, person, and everything is stored as an internet of value.

The air you breath will have value and you will pay for it.

There is a reason for everything and everything today is not of reason 

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