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Ripple Lawsuit Tracker (August 2018 Update)

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Guys,  Update to the Ripple Lawsuit Tracker List provided below, for there is one (1) new court case to report on this morning (8/10/2018). The newest case was filed on 2 days ago on August 8, 20

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Anyone know what the legal status is of winning one of the securities cases.  If there are 3 cases, A, B, and C all claiming XRP is a security.  Assume Ripple wins case A, does that mean that since a court has already ruled in that matter, that the other two are automatically losses, or do they still have to try each one.  Also how does it effect the cases when the SEC makes a decision one way or another?  Or for that matter, does a Federal court ruling one way or another effect what the SEC can do?


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