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Bitcoin price

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I've been into crypto since september 2013 and ever since that date what baffles me and still does is the price of bitcoin , why is it  completely out of proportion to all other coins price can anyone explain this to me ? To me this screams of massive manipulation and the sooner regs come into play the better! 


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In my opinion Bitcoin is protected by powerful holders, miners and exchanges, that the price stays above 6000.

The Bitcoin production costs about 6k$ in the moment.

If Bitcoin breaks below 6000 a bearmarket will start, which will devastate the miners further increasing centralization and so risking the belief in Bitcoin as a whole.

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Agree, but it isn't the price of BTC that surprises me it is the lack of support for other coins. BTC is at 53% total market capitalization THAT IS CRAZY!

Every other coin is weak, XRP, ETH, BCH, DASH go down the list everything is crap except BTC seems awfully strange other coins haven't seen money flow into them.

Scary times in crypto. 200 billion MC and 100 billion is BTC.

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Tether can't implode at this stage. It can only happen once a new bull run is in full swing. If it happens at this very stage of the bear market, recovery will take years.

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