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The New Monetized XRP Chat


The New Monetized XRP Chat  

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  1. 1. Do you think the XRP Chat website would benefit from being monetized? (PLEASE READ POST BELOW BEFORE VOTING)

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What better way to significantly raise the quality of the content on the XRP Chat website?

And at the same time, monetarily reward constructive contributors for their informative posts.
It's like the next generation of the XRP Tipbot.

How it could work:

Charging members $0.25 per post (or half a zerp for example),
would help deter unnecessary, unproductive posts.
Each "topic" would have its own zerp balance that would collect based upon the total number of replies.
That balance could then be divided, for instance, 50% for the author of the topic,
and 50% divided amongst the "likes" and "thanks" received by contributing posts. (trophies and hearts)
So in this model, there wouldn't be a fee for liking a post.
But of course, there'd be a "donation" option next to the "like" heart for directly tipping the author of any given post.

I don't know if smart contracts would need to be used to implement something like this,
but it would be a good experiment / use case to explore, and a good social experiment as well.

We could use polls to help get a consensus on implementation and pricing.
Starting with this one above.

So what do you think?

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