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Earn 1000 XRP by Designing SBC's New Logos

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Secure Block Chains is happy to bring another 1000XRP give away to the XRP Community. This time we are asking the community to help us design the new Secure Block Chains logo and the new app icons for both the desktop and mobile versions of Harbor. Throughout the month of August you can submit your designs to us for consideration. You may submit as many design variations as you would like. Visit the link below to find specific design requirements for each project. 500XRP will be given to the designer of the logo selected to replace the existing Secure Block Chains logo. 500XRP will be given to the designer of the logo that is selected to be the new Harbor logo. It is possible to win the entire 1000XRP if your designs for both the SBC & Harbor logo are selected. Submissions must be complete and in both PNG and JPEG formats to be considered. Please indicate which logo your submission is meant to replace with your post.

You can submit your work directly to this thread or you can deliver it in another manner described on our promotion page.

Link to Promotion Details.

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