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Can someone please draw a flow-chart of who’s fighting who, including the allies of both camps, what they’re standing for and which ones defected to the other camp?  I’m totally confused as to wh

You know for someone who detests bg123 and mocks all his followers. You sure spend way more time and energy in this thread then his actual believers. Hope you did not take his riddles to heart and tha

"I did not have SECs with that company." - Bill Clinton

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2 hours ago, benchinator said:

Did you notice that sbi bc is under maintenance till June 1? Like "rippled". Great countdown? ;)

Great catch...!

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14 hours ago, mattwayne_c said:

I think this website is a countdown website that reuses its URLs. I think the first countdown was Bearablyeguy123 counting down until he vanished. The new countdowns are just random people using the site for their countdowns..... IMO

This ??

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