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Bearableguy123 Thread

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Can someone please draw a flow-chart of who’s fighting who, including the allies of both camps, what they’re standing for and which ones defected to the other camp?  I’m totally confused as to wh

You know for someone who detests bg123 and mocks all his followers. You sure spend way more time and energy in this thread then his actual believers. Hope you did not take his riddles to heart and tha

Why is everybody so harsh on @Truthbot ? Ok, I admit, his grammar is poor, his FUD is from the lowest quality we’ve seen in ages,  he’s probably a minor looking for attention, but on the other side:

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55 minutes ago, Archbob said:

Yeah, but there was an article about the UN thing if months before he posted the picture. Its not like he knew stuff before other people. Anyone could have read the article.

Yeah anyone could have. But he's the only one who did (if he did). Like I said could be an insider, could just be better at research than the rest of us. Either way he's worth paying attention to.

Also there was no "article" about the UN thing. Just the little document on the website. It's why no one found it until now.

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On 1/22/2019 at 3:02 PM, Freaky said:

This should be a laugh, what is it ?

Um he indicated that date and then linked an article about the token taxonomy act. So maybe that's the date its supposed to be brought before congress? Or maybe Ripple is gonna do some PR thing for Valentine's Day. Who knows.

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There is a total conflagration of conspiracy investing and hype these days. I see folks in TMI live streams asking about HSBC and ZIM, I see folks preaching XRP is going to be the replacement for the SDR, and my personal favorite, Dinar RV folks are freaking out over Iraq looking at doing a gold-backed stablecoins digital Dinar and they are wondering if their paper Dinar investment will be worthless, while also wondering if Ripple is going to save them all. All of this suggests that all it will take is one failed economy for this swarm of conspiracy watchdogs to be a black swan bull run event. I find it funny that in the Dinar RV/NESARA/ Global reset crowd they have a SamIAm as well - who shed light on the hype and told everyone why none of it was going to happen - strong with the FUD, this one was.

It's great entertainment - happy to watch on the monitors while I wait with my bags at the station.

If you don't know the ZIM issue, there was a report going around stating that branches of HSBC were using special agents to cash out Zimbabwe Dollars for amounts based on settling interests during a special interview. As a result, people have been selling Zimbabwe Dollars in bulk on eBay - similar to what was marketed to Iraqi veterans re: Dinar revaluation.

The January deadline came and went, I don't believe anyone was successful in the redemption interview process. Why they think Modern Investor would have any clue I have no idea.

It's like the cryptocurrency tech revolution, the global debt SHTF crowd and the jubilee/currency revaluation scams all decided to have an orgy and now they are popping out babies of chaos everywhere wearing gasoline diapers and smoking profusely.



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