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34 minutes ago, GoldenGoose said:

I agree with you. And truth be told, I care more about an instant and secure transfer than the fees anyway. They're not my primary concern. I once ordered an international wire on a Thursday, and it was several hours before the daily cutoff time to go out that day. The bank held the wire for an extra day, under the pretense of checking with me to verify that it was all correct. It didn't leave until Friday. The following Monday happened to be a banking holiday in the US. The wire didn't reach its destination until Wednesday, which was 6 calendar days later. Ridiculous!

As I mentioned, even though low cost transactions are not expensive ie. 20-40cents the banks pay SWIFT.

Correcting errors are extremely costly with SWIFT. Your bank likely wanted to double check, as if the wire is incorrect and they need to reverse or correct, this costs alot with SWIFT.

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13 minutes ago, Freaky said:

Was that a bank issue rather than a SWIFT issue ?

SWIFT GPI is same day settlement.


11 minutes ago, Freaky said:

As I mentioned, even though low cost transactions are not expensive ie. 20-40cents the banks pay SWIFT.

Correcting errors are extremely costly with SWIFT. Your bank likely wanted to double check, as if the wire is incorrect and they need to reverse or correct, this costs alot with SWIFT.

I was using my worst-case example, from an elapsed-time standpoint. Incidentally, my most costly experience was my Bitstamp horror story, which began with a four-day wire from the USA to their Slovenian bank account and got exponentially worse from there.

Typically, however, any outbound wire I send before the afternoon deadline (my time) is confirmed received by my European employees early in the morning (my time) of the next banking day. And we always double check the SWIFT Code, IBAN, amount, etc., before completing the wire order. Still, it's a slow process by 21st Century standards; and it's prone to errors and delays. I have every interest in seeing Ripple and XRP succeed.

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9 hours ago, Nouk said:

I disagree with this completely.

Every company's twitter feed is FILLED .. and I mean literally filled with trolls and anonymous people just posting sh*t. I dont think any SANE company or bank would decide not to partner with Ripple because of an online bear with a couple thousands of followers. not to save Millions/billions of dollars.



Totally true.  Twitter is getting to the point where it's too toxic for advertisers.  The executive management is well aware of this and it's their #1 goal-- clean up the platform or face the consequences.

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I don't think the BG has ever tried to pick a specific price.... I think that's all misreading the puzzles.  He's given a lot of information and food for thought, and just because the numbers 589 or 23 whatever come up, doesn't mean he is inferring a specific price.  There is likely more to the puzzle...   If he is an insider of some sort, he would know that there's too many variables to make any such prediction.

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On 12/22/2018 at 5:12 AM, KaaKaRmA said:

No but I can assure you that at board meetings there is reviews of PR, marketing, brand reputation, etc. You don’t need a seat for it to appear. 

CEO: Dear shareholders, Ripple is a great tech that can save us alot of money, but we get an awful amount of spam regarding their company so we decided not to partner with them. Merry Christmas.

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On 12/21/2018 at 12:17 PM, JA8 said:

So imagine a financial institution that was thinking about partnering with Ripple. Whilst having board meetings, someone mentions the severe amount of spam tweets and emails from #thexrparmy that have been clogging up the company’s inbox for days from overexcited, childish speculators.

Is this broadly positive for Ripple, or does it make the potential partner question the company’s seriousness further? Pretty obviously the latter imo.

And then they stumble across all of the bearableguy123 stuff. Yeah, that’s a great look.

Faced with this, it’s hardly a stretch to imagine they’d put out a tweet saying “no, we are not working with Ripple” just to stem the tide of spam... and to buy themselves some time while they consider it they *really* want to go this route at all.

If anything like the above scenario has happened even once - and it probably has imo - it’s damaging. 

Partnering up with a trendy blockchain outfit is likely not an easy decision even without the above nonsense. If it’s not net positive for the adoption of XRP then do away with it imo.

North american society as a whole is pretty immature and childish. I also think all this riddle crap has to stop..its embarrising..

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Seeing all these comments made me to write this poem lol

Little bear made riddles 

Predicting XRP's price

Community started cheering

Saying his predictions are precise 

Then he made a prediction, "EOY $589"

Everybody said he is insane

Bashing him left and right

But little they knew, the bear was Australian

.41c in AUD is .589



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1 hour ago, Freaky said:

Yeah, awesome country to live in if being obese is your thing. :help:

I think natural selection has weeded out most of the obese from our society. I'm looking around at people in this restaurant I'm at and see quite a lot of cuties here tonight. I don't see anyone close to being fat, then again I live around hipsters.

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