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Can someone please draw a flow-chart of who’s fighting who, including the allies of both camps, what they’re standing for and which ones defected to the other camp?  I’m totally confused as to wh

You know for someone who detests bg123 and mocks all his followers. You sure spend way more time and energy in this thread then his actual believers. Hope you did not take his riddles to heart and tha

"I did not have SECs with that company." - Bill Clinton

Haven't really followed this thread so most likely someone already noticed what I'm about to write. Have done a few searches but was unable to find any existing related topic.

We know from BG that at least one major bank will go live eoy 2018 with XRP usage.

We also know that Ripple are doing major progress in India.

Yesterday there was a lot of activities and discussion around Swift and potential usage of Ripple infrastructure to settle transactions.

This made me think of Swift-codes, India and Bearableguys eoy prediction.

Do not want to spread fud but this "riddle" of Bearableguy 123 starts to fascinate me..


State Bank of India -> BIC/Branch code (Swift) = 589. State Bank of India’s address is: FORTUNE TOWERS.



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Nice find @smallboxed. This is so trippy with all the vaguely suggested dots to connect.

Also, Ripple just posted a new blog about liquidity provisioning and along with it a video with a very familiar building only 12 sec into the vid.
Check it out: https://ripple.com/insights/unlocking-global-liquidity-bottlenecks-with-ripplenet/

Are they frequently doing that, using the UN building in their marketing and communication?

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On 10/10/2018 at 8:43 PM, DividendGamer said:



You need to work on your critical thinking and deductive reasoning skills.



Didn’t I already define “critical thinking” to you the other day? Gheesh, take another leadership in training course and come back next week with something else. 

Deductive reasoning should help you understand that you need to do better

carry on, BG’ers...

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I'm having this feeling that BG123 isn't just making a prediction with ("$589+).

He was making a statement.

A statement based perhaps on his own "testing" of smaller amounts of currency being transacted through XRapid.

If my theory is correct, based off everything I have read and learned here at this impeccable and incredible club/thread it would mean that the "+" symbol was added to express that $589.00 per each XRP is from just maybe one simple test.

If this is the case, (now I know this sounds absolutely insane) I could see the value of XRP reaching 5 or more digits.

I like to believe that BG123 was very important on the inside.

Imagine,... $10,000.00 for each XRP

I'm not dreaming here folks, I'm just thinking.

If it really doesn't take that much currency to increase price and we, (well, I do anyway) expect XRP to increase in price very quickly... I'm talking fast enough to keep the "average Joe" from investing when the discover the truth that they should have invested earlier, even just $20.

A global financial reset means that value will go from paper to digital which could mean so serious, breath taking, life changing profits.

The kind that will be looked back on and people will think, what a time to be alive that would have been back then.

I just have this feeling...

And it's getting stronger.


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