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Price analysis of .15?

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Hi OP, hi Felix,

Last year november TA said 0.10 cent and a lot (including myself) actually think it could be the case, cause we where doing nothing for half a year. You know what happened after ;)

My personal advise, focus on fundamentals and hold tight. 

It might go down first, But if you zoom out on the charts over two years. My god XRP is so bullish.

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9 hours ago, FelixNYC said:

I just got an email from some price tech analysis to short xrp that it will go to .15

Seriously, where do they get such an analysis? Is it on purpose to drop the price? Kind of like when Coinbase announced coins to pump and dump. I do believe forces are at work to drop the price.



So first you got an email from some 'price tech analyst' and then you post a link to a site which is clearly pro Bitcoin. I just wonder what kind of response you expect to get from members of an XRP chat site? The author posted the same story here.....


What a surprise, another Bitcoin orientated site. Something clearly going on with XRP with all the negative news that certain individuals are posting.


Is Ian Brown a prophet?

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