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When is the next bull run.

When will the next bull run (ATH) happen?  

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  1. 1. When do you personally feel that we will pass the ATH

    • 2018
    • 2019
    • 2020
    • Beyond 2020
    • Never if you didn't sell in Jan you missed the boat.

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3 hours ago, Arnold said:

Whales are doing a run testing the waters...XRP/BTC was at +11% few hours back as XRP overperformed BTC as in previous bull runs when it decoupled.

We may be at the start of something...

what means testing the waters? they are trying to understand how easy is to manipulate price? or how the market reacts? both?


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How I see it they may check how the market reacts by how many people jump on the band wagon when they manipulate the price upwards. If there is not enough interest they may hold up for a while taken into account that this is just the start so most people haven't even noticed yet and real fomo will kick in at later stage.

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21 hours ago, itcdominic said:

might be happening now......things are moving as we speak.

No bull runs FI is involved FI wont FOMO just retail. Jan was your shot.......Ripple can sell 20-40 million dollars worth of XRP for decades this is a win win for them.

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