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Wietse and Rabbit made to the UNL list

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12 hours ago, hallwaymonitor said:

Decentralization proceeds again and now we have 8 non-Ripple validators in the UNL list:


This time these two new validators that made to the UNL list are XRP community members:



I can't wait when (not if) the level of decentralization of XRP exceeds bitcoin officially then there is no more room for centralization fud one bit. This move from Ripple is huge hats off to XRP community. I also think this act from Ripple was almost like giving a finger to all fudsters. 







Wait for me. I'm also preparing my server... I just order SSD drive today. Hopefully, my old server and my hosting can handle it...? If not... Then I'm sorry... Anyway, the more the merrier ?

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10 minutes ago, Rabbit_Kick_Club said:

Thanks to everyone for all of the support and encouragement. I'm honored to be selected alongside someone as awesome as Wietse (@xrptipbot), particularly given the incredible ways that he contributes to the community as well as the broader XRP ecosystem.

You are both very deserving of the recognition. It's good to see that all your hard work is being rewarded. This is healthy for the Ripple/XRP ecosystem, and a boost for the XRP community. Keep doing what you're doing.

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