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Short Story Contest Entry: Let the Party Begin!

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Let the Party Begin!


Being in Ibiza was a party, but having a headache is not a nice thing! Yes, the party last night,  gave me a headache, but also, still needed a D.J. for the Party. I decided to take a refreshing dive into the sea, DON’T/ WATCH OUT,  and suddenly it turned dark.


That was a nasty wave you hit there buddy; Rippled all over you. I recognized that word AND the voice. I opened my eyes and looked straight into the glasses of HIM, that D.J. of last night. I couldn’t believe it and he also mentioned Ripple!! No, I must be still under the influence of alcohol, some pills and feeling happy; I felt a little blood dripping from the eyebrow!


I was helped back on my feet and received a card in my hands: Please stop by this afternoon, I want to make sure you are okay.


The card was revealing nothing more than a phone number and an address. And then it hit me!


Sitting in the old taxi, I felt uncomfortable. How would I land this little idea in my head. A lot of things went through my mind till this Spanish Voice told me we were there. Gracias and after giving the driver his money, I went into the gate, holding the business card in my hand, and went to the big house. A man pointed a gun at me and I thought, what have I walked into. Why can’t it go easygoing for once; my life was a mess.


From one of the balcony’s I heard voice in Spanish, what probably translated in lower your gun because Don Quixote walked away and I was invited into stretched arms, asking me how I was doing, how did he come off the balcony that fast!!!


Well, nasty  cut eh .. ,


Charles, Charles is my name and eh at least it doesn’t hurt.


Well, I saw you diving into the waves and you must have hit a stone or something because you did not get out of the waves anymore. I dove in and got you into the breathing again.


That is great, immediately the words 'last night a DJ saved my life ran across my brain'! I felt at ease and thought about asking my weirdest question I ever asked in my life


Sir, Do you know anything about crypto-currency? Wow, going from head wound to crypto, wonder how he was going to react!! Eh, Crypto do you mean Bitcoin, that fake coin… is that not a scam?


Well, we are talking about the same, but scam, I am not sure. A Ripple / wave brought us together and that is what I would like to address. If you want to send money internationally, SWIFT is the system you use; you follow? Would you like something to drink Charles, something tells me this may take a couple minutes, at least. Just to let you know in 30 minutes I have to go, and I do need to run some errands. Some water would be great.


The DJ walked me to an incredible room with great paintings of famous artists and silk trance music sounded through miniscule speakers; although the sound sounded so powerful. He offered me a chair and I picked up my story with 4 days, risk, Nostro, Vostro and ‘the future’.

Ripple…. XRP… never heard off, hold on one sec. He dialed a number and suddenly I heard a female voice: Hi darling, that’s early, you in the airplane? No, not yet, just a small question, “have you ever heard about Rippul, XPR”, no no,  sir Ripple XRP. 'Nope, is that a new DJ, PowerDrink', the woman shared? I got a smirk around my mouth, was able to keep my composure though. The talk was finished in a different room and the DJ asked me why I shared this with him?


Well, early next year, I am organizing a party for a group of friends who were connected through Ripple. I would like you to ‘dive’ in a little adventure with me. I would like you to play at this party, taking place in Amsterdam, and I would like to pay you in XRP? Eh…. Well you dove in the sea, hurt yourself, and you want me to ‘dive’ in your adventure; who say I am not going to get hurt?


Our adventure, OUR adventure, I want you to be part of it, not even 1% is invested yet, so I want you to get your feet wet and accept payment in XRP. I would like to pay you half your usual price and every friend of mine, will pay you 2 XRP! Hopefully you are willing to throw the party of the year? Price will rise and it will be your best paid performance and yes, it will happen. I already put the tokens aside, I believe in XRP, I believe in you!


This is enough. I need to get ready, playing in Germany tonight and I have heard enough of this nonsense. It probably is something, but I do not have the time. Sir I know, you gave me your number, please accept it back and if you think this is a great plan, then please call me on the number I jotted down below your number. He saw me to the door and made sure I got back at my hotel.


That night I went to bed and thought numerous time about what just happened. Why did I not tell him about the Rapper in New York or the actor/ investor on the Ellen Show. I could have explained it in clearer ‘Bert and Ernie’ language. I blew it, or… I didn’t know maybe I did not blow it. I had to go to Twitter, needed to secure another question in my mind.


As I stated earlier, 10 dollars by December 31st and I would throw a party. Next question, who is coming and are you willing to donate 2 XRP… 2 XRP only #XRPCommunity


It was a relief and now it was in God’s hands. I had plans and  wanted to make it perfect but no guarantees, I had no guarantees. First of all, was I not too quick, XRP was at a new ATH of 8,35 dollars and still needed to climb 1,65 dollars. People want to make a lot of money, have dreams, like me, having my favorite DJ at the XRP party. My phone was vibrating in my pocket…. Twitter, 20+ messages. I did not want to watch my messages, but went to the XRP Tipbot, 260 additional XRP ????? 89 people had responded, wow amazing. That just finished the night, I was happy, satisfied and I was able to conquer the world.


10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Happy New Year. I was with three friends and I had the biggest smile on my face: 12,65 dollars; XRP had done it, I had done it. I wished the Community a happy New Year on Twitter and told the 1.345 ‘friends’ I was really going to do it, the party would be in May, as I needed the time and the preparation for everybody to come over. I promised my friends I was not going to touch my phone for the next three hours, because it would go crazy. My tweet regarding the 2 XRP was answered by 1421 people and this message I just tweeted, would be found by the Community. Made me a little sad again because the DJ never called me. Saw him on TV and hoped he would give me a sign, the wave through the audience, like a Ripple, no that wasn’t a sign.


People were happy and my planning needed to start. Where would I start, a venue that can host around 1.500 people, hotels, invitations, a DJ!!!


One month in, wow, things were evolving! The venue was booked, third week of May was booked. Another pole was done and May revealed itself as the best month. I was happy regarding the venue as this also gave me an alcohol sponsor, as one of my mates, invested as well, work in management, took care of catering, the liquid one, so to speak. One problem though, music…


Beginning of February we had our Business summit in New York, four days of working hard, but also playing hard. I was confronted with it when we landed at JFK, Super Bowl LII, Atlanta, Georgia. I was looking forward to it as my favorite team the Green bay Packers were playing in it. Aaron Rodgers had the perfect pass, what sealed the overtime with a win. I would actually see the final in New York. Since I was a little boy, the Cheese heads were my favorites as I loved the yellow and green. Rodgers gave the fans a 15 and 1 in 2011 and a win was inevitable. Now 8 years later again Rodgers going for a ring.


Two days working hard, scrum meetings, coming up with ideas, thinking out of the box and getting to know your colleagues in a different way. Well, not tonight because they may be into soccer, ice speedskating and field hockey, I was going to get ‘Lambeau’ loud in an NFL bar downtown. Not knowing what would happen.


The start of the game was pretty solid, seven plays and a touchdown, followed by a field goal. The opponent had to do it in thirteen downs, having three third downs, but it all happened before the first quarter ended.


I just saw a flash, running football players, tossing something , small but shiny, as big as a coin. Was I dreaming. Two half halo’s reversed going through the air: TOUCHDOWN, helmet gone, ooooooo David Schwartz, just produced a spin on one leg, holding the ball, no no an XRP token. Oh my goodness, was I seeing a Ripple / XRP Super Bowl commercial with David Schwartz as a wide receiver….. The quarterback, removed his helmet and pointed at his shirt, and 12 letters were lightning up: Garlinghouse, amazing. I just looked at the greates commercial and I don’t know why but tears ran over my eyes; it was beautiful. I caught myself repeating the slogan, XRP fast, very cheap, a winning touchdown thrown by the G House caught by Silky Schwartz – Priceless. The future is now, the future is Ripple. The game, it just became better.


If that would have made my evening, it would have been great, but the night was not over yet. First half was over, the Packers leading by a field goal. The stadium speaker mentioned the half time show, different than ever before and more daring than before, please welcome ladies and gentlemen, followed by famous electronic tunes from a familiar DJ, one I met last year in Ibiza. This HAD to be a sign. Ripple, DJ, me, party, 10 dollars, wow, what if….


The show was up tempo, famous tunes going around and people showing their interest in black light, electronic sounds and a lot of jumping around. He controlled the crowd, he gave them THE show they were expecting, I was expecting. I was excited, I had new plans, I wanted to  shout, dance, be happy, tweet, GO PACK GO. That Super Bowl was amazing. I did not expect that, and that fourth quarter; did not expect THAT at all. Was that actually a rule….


Back in the office, my head was hurting big time. Alcohol had been my biggest friend and actually caught me in some interaction with Ally, Ayle, Aily, I don’t know, can’t remember her name. I was happy, Ripple, David Schwartz doing the end zone dance, a DJ standing on his synthesizer. I should really write it down as I am forgetting half of it and I never want to forget this anymore.


Meeting at 10, floor 3, topic: embracing new technology. Hmm, well can we just continue with little hints, am I allowed to call them hints. I did not want to be here, I had things to plan, things inside that wanted to come out, scream to the world, but hey, responsibilities, I’ve got a job. Play hard, Work hard, I would show them something.


Two hours later, I needed to take a break. It had been very intense but we actually embraced the future, new technology and like a hypnoses, I just let it happen, I was all into letting old things be old things and open the door for new ideas, technology. I still had to do so much more, I wanted to be that loner, I wanted to all by myself. Tried to tell these people, get on board the train is departing. 2 Months long they would have been okay, even more okay towards the end of month two, but just ignoring and not understanding what was happening.


I grabbed my phone, XRP had dropped a couple dollars over the month but checking the exchange, I was surprised seeing +17% eh, what? Did David choose the wrong profession, did he better fit in a jockstrap?  This long weekend just became better and better.


The sessions were done and I wanted to fly home. I was flying Economy Comfort, so I had some extra leg space back. Would make it a little bit comfortable, landing in Amsterdam, returning to the office immediately. I was looking forward to the extra space, the movies and the rest I was going to have during the night flight. I was excited and did not know if I would actually be able to sleep


Entering the airplane, I walked through business and thought, if only I wait one more year, this would be part of life.  Being trapped in thoughts, I walked into the passenger in front of me.  I heard a voice behind me: I know what it is to pass without saying hi, but I know YOU! How have you been bud, keeping your head out of the water? And gone moon plans, back on earth, it was ‘my friend’ the DJ.


What a coincidence, seeing you in New York in an airplane, were you not in Atlanta two days ago, playing at the Super Bowl? Was it not easier to leave from Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport? “Well, it would if I would have stayed, but I had a gig Downtown New York, Sunday night at 01:00 AM, so having my Monday off, I just shopped for some new kicks and did some running in Central Park.  Makes Sense!


So, what did you think about the game Charles, yes I remember, followed by a wink? My colleagues were looking at me, astonished, the famous one was talking to their colleague and he actually knew his name. I stretched my legs, making me look bigger, yes I felt powerful. Come, sit with me, I have two chairs, my girlfriend ended up flying out of Atlanta yesterday.


A million things ran through my mind, what to talk about, what to ask him, would this go easy peasy? I decided NOT to talk about the May event as I wanted him to feel comfortable. I did not want to talk about music, as every “moron” he meets wants to ask him about music.


So, bluntly, I asked him: what did you think about the game. The DJ started to laugh and asked if I also felt the tension? Sorry, did not want to make you, ‘No don’t worry, I thought it was okay, not totally familiar with the rules, so I was just preparing for my little show. It definitely was an honor to do so and I think it was well received. My girlfriend told me after the show that approximately a 100 million people watched the show, so let’s say half of them watched my show, well, never played for a bigger crowd, ha-ha.

That is quiet amazing, did not even know that. I liked it a lot and when those fireworks popped up, it worked well with the beats. Well, don’t tell anybody, but it was a mistake, they should have gone into the air, at the song after, but oh well, worked for me.


It was still a pretty good show and I can definitely put it on my resume! A couple guys came buy and wanted to have a selfie and he allowed them. We were interrupted by the purser and those were the last words of the DJ: what if you drop a peace sign on the pic.


We landed in Amsterdam and the flight had passed crazy fast. I slept for half of it and trying to get eye contact, the DJ slept through most of the whole flight. Did I miss another opportunity, was a testing my luck, oh what to do, what to do!


The DJ got up and asked me if I wanted to come to one of his show later that year, would be fun. Always nice, asked by the DJ, when your colleagues pass by. If jealousy could be represented by a color, the whole airplane instantly got a paintjob.


That would be nice, speaking about concerts, I would… Sorry Charles, need to go immediately, chopper ready, Paris is waiting. What a lifestyle, and NOOOOO, what if….


BEEP BEEP, BEEP BEEP. Probably the Text Message by KPN, that I was back in Dutch territory with the text messaging and calling cost: Should have asked me about XPR ? , said the text message, no number, no name. I did know who it was from tho, I turned instantly red!


BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP, XRP, I was just kidding ?

Hmm, I did not have his number anymore, this was going to be difficult…. Twitter.


Super Bowl, a little late, but WOW, Amazing, the game, the commercial, half time show, MOON!


For the next coming days I was not in a very good mood. Did not go to Twitter, and colleagues gave me a tough time, asked me why I was sitting business class talking to the world famous DJ, Claudia from HR heard the DJ say my name, why?? It would pass, was the only thing I was thinking. I was only thinking about the party, still had no DJ and It was only four months away. Having so many people over coordinating with a group of 4 people, but responsible for the DJ, did not make the headache easier I was feeling, getting worse.


Weekend was over again and I was almost a week in the Netherlands again. First time, I promised myself no Twitter for a long weekend; was easy, because I was too lazy to search for my charger to charge my phone when the battery was low. On Monday I saw the famous 20+ reactions on Twitter, when my heart actually jumped a heartbeat. A like from the famous DJ followed by a friend request. Not unnoticed by the community, as they were interested whether this famous person was backing up their beloved token


I followed him back and prompt, I received a Direct Message: So when are we going to talk, I read the party is in May? I dropped my phone and it all became black.


I felt a cold washing cloth on my forehead. Well, Charlie, are you not eating enough, I saw you just collapse next to your car. My neighbor was really nice and told me she ran out. I felt dumb but was happy it didn’t happen at the office or while I was driving. I called in sick and asked the neighbor, if I was allowed to stay on her couch. No problem, and soon enough I told her the whole story regarding the DJ, Ripple, XRP and the party. She was also invested, as she DID listen to me and looked for a different future than she had envisioned before. She grabbed my phone and tweeted whether the DJ had time to come over and before I knew it, thirty minutes later, we were surprised by a knock on the door, the DJ.


My neighbor felt she had to take charge, as she knew the story and what to do. The DJ was laughing all the time as he thought it was just meant to be. So, in Ibiza you offered me half of my normal price, which in normal cases I would not accept, but I would love to accept your offer. You said something about ‘door money’ per ‘friend’ Well, I asked my Community friends, and they were willing to pay 2 XRP per person, well around 1.345 people are coming, so should be well over 2.500 Ripple! You mean XRP? Wow, did he just correct me and did I just made that mistake? You are correct!


Use the 2500+ Ripples for the party and I do promise, I will be playing at the party.


The party will be fun, but the road to the party has been an adventure and not only for you, and I received the well-known ear to ear smile.


High_fligher, high_fligher, found your badge. Love it that people recognize each other by their Twitter Handle. Little_Fuzzy_Boo_Boo_Head, is not so fuzzy and BIOPBIOP looks exactly like his picture, Party on. Ben came up to me and told me the DJ had arrived.


I went backstage and found the DJ, he looked tired, but his smile told me differently. Hey Charles, awesome to see you, this is what you have yelled 11 months ago, what if, and here we are. Oh by the way Charles, I made a couple phone calls and just got a text that they are outside, please let them in, although they are not on the invitation list.


I got a warm feeling in my stomach and wanted to walk to the door. Friends of MY DJ.


Oh and Charles, breath in breath out, you don’t want to faint, when I closed the door. The Uber door opened and there they were …….. Brad Garlinghouse and David Schwartz!


Behind me the famous laugh and a voice in the back of my mind: Scooter Braun will be proud of me. Maybe not totally his idea, but I got the DJ, with the help of XRP.


Ladies and Gentlemen: WE DID IT!

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