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President Bill Clinton Keynotes Swell 2018

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https://ripple.com/insights/president-bill-clinton-keynotes-swell-2018/ "At a time when groundbreaking technology and regulation were often on a collision course, President Clinton helped usher i

Swell 2017 Bill Gates  Swell 2018 Bill Clinton  Swell 2019 Bill Cosby

Why Bill Clinton???? Jeffery Epstein's Island? Corruption in Haiti, Uranium One connections..... The Clinton Foundation is their downfall, we don't need that attached to our community in the least bit

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2 hours ago, LordVetinari said:

I don't like him personally but take a moment to see why he was chosen.

His policies did a lot to enable the technology we use today. If it weren't for his policies, we'd still be using dialup. I remember that time. 


There is a reason and it's not political or personal, it's policy.

I beg all members here to do some research.

This is not about blㅇwjㅇbs.

This is about proving regulations and technology can go hand in hand.

I agree the optics suck but this is a person most disruptive technologies facing regulatory scrutiny want on their side. 

You don't need to champion or defend Clinton, I personally think he's a pig, but his policies changed the way we do things today. 

Al Gore would have been a better choice since many give him credit for facilitating the growth of the internet in its infancy. He also would have been cheaper. Ripple made a bad move on this one. Crypto is already so tribalistic and now they are making it political. Obviously Ripple the company is liberal, based in San Francisco with former Silicon Valley guys in top positions. But they should realize that their native token is the most hated on the market. Why turn the knife in the crypto bros sides with this speaker?  Not sure who put this idea forward, but this was pretty half baked. Crypto is made up of conspiracy theorists, so lets get the central figure of 94% of conspiracies to speak...... I love Bill Clinton, but I can put aside my political bias for .2 seconds and see that this was a bad choice that will only fuel the FUD fires further. Very disappointed that their decision was so short sighted. 

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The Clintons are polarizing in the US, some people love them some people HATE them.  Hillary after all lost to Donald fuckin Trump, to give you an idea how little people like them.

Globally, I can understand they are seen as more of a positive. This isn't particularly surprising though, the "teams" have been clear for awhile with Bill Gates etc having worked with the Clintons for a longgg time. 

Edit: This could actually help in China.

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Anyway, I just hope his message overshadows his controversy and that Ripple's connections behind the scenes eventually lead to the success that we're all hoping for. 

This is a very different kind of Ripple from when I first started. Back then, they weren't even sure whether or not to target banks.

Well, Ripple did say XRP is for institutional use - it certainly seems headed in that direction with Clinton as this year's Swell keynote speaker.

I guess Ripple didn't want to be distracted by another potential surprise announcement by the media about Stellar.

Ripple doesn't want to get overshadowed by another such announcement, I suppose as one of the reasons they went with Clinton.

Well, I wonder what Stellar, IBM, etc. have up their sleeve this year, if anything at all.  Not saying they will, just wondering if they're going to do a similar repeat of last year's last minute announcement prior to the start of SWELL.


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Yeah, why not Obama? Obama is cool. No bad press about him. He would definitely be a better choice than Bill Clinton.

Would have been a good choice as well but BC globally is also highly respected for supporting freedom of the young internet. There’s a link from an IoV to this....
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13 minutes ago, kanaas said:

Making noise IS stupid emoji118.png



And you somehow think this isn't making noise by calling names?  I mean, you know I don't care for him so it wouldn't surprise me if you didn't consider my point of view, but is it really cool to call dissenting points of view stupid?

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I posted this elsewhere in the forum but i guess it applies here too.

William Hinman who is currently the Head of Division of Corporate Finance at the SEC was the guy who announced that Bitcoin would not be regarded as a security.


Well it appears that he also donated to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.


Just saying.


Link found between the Gates Foundation and the Clinton Foundation. Is it possible they have also discussed Mojaloop?


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Clinton will divide the XRP community the way Trump's election win divided the Democratic party. ;*P~~~~

Already looking at youtube...even the pro-XRP types that frequent XRP-related channels are not saying positive things.

Oh well, Ripple must have some really impressive trick up their sleeve to have make this controversial choice as if it's business as usual.


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