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XRP listed as base pair on institutional-grade exchange DCEX for Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], Litecoin [LTC] and more


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This sounds positive...


"DCEX, a registered cryptocurrency marketplace for retail and institutional investors, announced that it will be using XRP as the exclusive base currency for trading. This means that all cryptocurrencies on the exchange will be traded against XRP, for a total of 15 coin pairs.

...Notably, the exchange is currently registered with the Financial Crime Enforcement Network [FINCEN]. It has also reportedly taken initial steps to become “registered, fully regulated, and compliant” in line with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC].

Elias Yami, a cryptocurrency analyst, stated:

“The move of an exchange that is on the cusp of institutional adoption is interesting to say the least. While the preliminary steps of ensuring that the exchange is compliant with regulation have been taken, it will be interesting to see how XRP will function in this scenario. Moreover, statements of “increasing liquidity” seem to point towards the support for xRapid to be integrated in the exchange. This seems like a natural fit for an exchange based on XRP.”

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