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What happened to the zerpening thread/Club?

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For anyone who missed @Ripple-Stiltskin's post, the new guidelines to gain access to the Zerpening are as follows:

The Zerpening has become a private Club (for the time being) because at some point there was too much trolling going on.

- a minimum of 25 posts with

- no trolling or fudding history

- or : longer than 2 months member of  XRPchat

- or being invited by a senior member who would hold his breath for you 

* @Chewiecoin @RegalChicken @zenkert @Snoopy

Note :  no entry rules for women, accepted immediately ( lol, JK).


Once you have met the conditions above, you may send a message to one of the principal members listed to request an invitation, and they will consider your request as soon as they can. Keep up the good work!

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10 hours ago, Rippelsteeltje said:

Hit me up im the zerpening as well....@chewiecoin....thanks


8 hours ago, crazyazz said:

May I reserve a berth please sir?


8 hours ago, zimonr6 said:

Hi everyone!

I have this account since october 2017. I read this forum each day. Members are great here.

I don't post a lot because I don't speak english very good (canadian french).

So I must respond another 23 posts in order to have access to Zerp or someone can invite me? :)


8 hours ago, Chookstar said:

Hello hello!

I was wondering where everyone had disappeared to! Can I get an invite please?

Thanks, Chookstar.




7 hours ago, zimonr6 said:

Not bad.. and you ? :)

(22 left)


7 hours ago, Busa_ said:

Would love an invite too ?


7 hours ago, susli said:

Someone send me an invite please. Thanks


2 hours ago, LatentNewb said:

Can I get an invite?  I doubt I have 25 posts but if you look at my history I'm not negative.   I just like reading the news.


40 minutes ago, abbeypoop said:

Ditto on that invite request, I used to start my day with the zerpening and only posted positivity and thanks to everyone.

Invites sent guys. Welcome to da Club

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2 hours ago, Ozmoz said:

Can I receive an invitation? ;)


1 hour ago, LackingGravitas said:

I'd also like an invitation please :)


1 hour ago, RippleFX said:

I would also like to get back on the Zerp train ? 

(And by train I mean rocket ?)


1 hour ago, RippleGambler said:

May I have an excellent invite to the club?

Invites sent. Welcome Aboard the Zerpening 

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1 hour ago, Ikketje said:

Yeah, me to. i'm bored now without the zerpening tread :(

Hi mate. You don’t yet meet the minimum requirements. 

Post 25 times (watch the bikini pics), fight FUD and in the immortal words of @RegalChicken “don’t be a douche” and you are more than welcome. 


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