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What happened to the zerpening thread/Club?

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This is a good idea in general. Also forces peoples hands to become more of an active member. I've been happily sitting on the side line until now, hodling and acumilating silently. Time to make my voice heard now I guess. So hi all, especially Hi to all the new guys n gals here. I think you'll soon be glad you discovered now generous and kind the xrp community is... Once we get bast that big hair bouncer... 

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Invites sent guys. Welcome to da Club

Your holding needs to be down 79% in order to see it

yes this is key.  I still haven't figured out what a like is, or why I want them, but give them to me.

On 8/16/2018 at 6:03 AM, LAH said:

The Zerping club lost focus of why they were on the blog. They are now a private club  and abandoned the general discussions and promotion of XRP and influencing the broader XRP investor public to the newbies so they can enjoy the comfort of like minded thought.  They didn't realize that many of the people who visit this blog did so only to read the insights of the "veteran" XRPers to give them confidence in the investment they made.  They have left the general discussion a shell of what it was and delivered over to the FUDers, but at least they are enjoying themselves now. Thank God Hodor still let's us read his comments.



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3 hours ago, RegalChicken said:

yes this is key. 

I still haven't figured out what a like is, or why I want them, but give them to me.

I will, but only because you didn't say please

...and I can't because I am out of reactions which brings up issues of its own

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On 9/24/2018 at 4:12 PM, IntroducingZippleszRapid said:

Newbie, long time lurker / hodler. May I request an invite please? I enjoyed the thread.

Sorry: min 25 posts , I posted the entry requirements on the board multiple times.

And in addition: I don’t like your avatar at all! ?

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