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Toast Wallet QR input


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Hi guys,

Anyone know the format that Toast wants to see in an offline QR transaction?  I thought it might be easy but nah....  I can't find any doco....

 I'm trying to find a easy way to move some XRP from my offline paper wallet into a ToastWallet on a phone.  I realise I could just import the secret key but don't want to do that... I want to take a small percent of offline wallet and move them to a seperate online Toast wallet.

I created a offline Rippex wallet transaction file then made a QR code from that on the offline computer.  I then tried to read it with the Toast app but it failed.  I've previously successfully read a QR code as a file then submitted that file to an online Rippex wallet but want to cut out the online PC and go straight to phone.

Any help much appreciated.   @ToastWallet

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I ended up installing Toast wallet on the offline PC and now I'm sorted,  but I suspect many would like to be able to QR to the ledger somehow. 

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