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CCN | Nasdaq Plots to Legitimize Cryptocurrency in Secret Meeting: Report (Interesting excerpt)


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July 27, 2018 16:45


Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman said recently that she believes cryptocurrency is the “right next step in the space of currency,” though the “jury is still out” on whether bitcoin or another coin will be the one that achieves mass adoption.

“How it evolves and which of the cryptocurrencies may or may not be the one that ultimately gets embraced, I think that really the jury is still out on that,” she said. “But I do think the idea of a more globalized payment mechanism that is more efficient than what we have today allows for money to transfer across countries and certainly supports the Internet economy.”

Pretty interesting ?

Source: https://www.ccn.com/nasdaq-plots-to-legitimize-cryptocurrency-in-secret-meeting-report/

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