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Rachel lee connecting Dots of XRP with SDR (IMF currency ), CME and Miguel

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Dear Friends,  I found post below about potential of XRP replacing SDR ( IMF's Currency )and found it very interesting so thought to share with you. I am quoting them word by word and providing y

"Rachel Lee‏ @LeeR912 Jul 26 The +-55billion #xrp is the digital gold which the IMF will use to reliquidify the world after the next financial crisis (coming soon). XRP will need to be valued in

Exactly. I'm of the strong opinion that BearableGuy got most of his inspiration from Collin's Philosophy of Metrics. (Some even believe that they are the same person, although this is utter nonsense

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I've said this before, but will repeat myself. When there is so little positive news, people, like in the dark ages, start to see lots of things and are prepared to throw chicken bones in the air to see how they land, read tea leaves or worse still, rip livers out of living creatures to decipher what the gods have planned. One may accidentally stumble upon a grain of truth, but Ripple has stopped giving out news, and so the majority of the believers will hodl waiting for the blood red moon eclipse or more to the point, when someone at Ripple deems it right, or is allowed by NDA's, to unleash the good or the bad news.

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3 minutes ago, DutchPanda said:

We all will be soaking if this is only 10% true. Imagine waking up one day to find out XRP's new ath is changed from $0.4508 to $2312.508....

But there will be one remaining question: How much can $2312 buy? If the USD goes down the drain.. ?

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2 hours ago, Merxy said:

Another day another " connecting imaginary dots" and "reading between the lines" delusional theory being done

The fcuk you in here reading it for then? Nothing better to do but ***** and moan? 

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22 minutes ago, Merxy said:

Please admit yourself to the nearest psychiatry hospital

You're short-sighted. Even looking at it from a non-believer's secular perspective, is it really so difficult to believe that maybe, just maybe there are powerful players who are pulling strings to bring about the fulfillment of some of these thousands-of-years-old prophecies, because they themselves believe? You may think it's lunacy, but what if certain rich and powerful players do not? Players like those inside the Vatican, just for one example? 

Take the restoration of Israel as a nation in 1948, for example. This was a miraculous fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Thousands of years earlier, Ezekiel predicted that this would occur in his famous "valley of dried bones" prophecy. Then the United Nations made it happen. Israel had been "dead" as a nation for thousands of years, and then suddenly sprang back to life, becoming one of the most prominent and militarily powerful nations in the world? Coincidence? No. It was either a miracle and a fulfillment of prophecy, or it was a powerful and elite organization making a knowing and active effort to bring about the fulfillment of prophecy. Can you name many other nations which laid dormant for two-thousand years before suddenly springing to life, exactly as predicted? 

You don't have to believe that God is guiding these events, but you should at least consider that there is an intelligent plan behind it all... even if it's only a human shadow player/players.

And now we are entering the next phase.

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6 hours ago, RDS said:

Miguel states something along the lines of " May be we become lender of last resort, May be something would have to change in structure and then we may have to have a different organisation." 

Here you go... This explains how the math and stuff could work for Ripple to be a lender of XRP.


This thread is along this same line of thinking...


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