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The XRP Ledger needs a deliberate guide to encourage people to learn and participate in the blockchain revolution with their fundamentally researched ideas. First, educate.

PeerSeeds -a blockchain seed. Cover it with scalabilty, sprinkle it with interoperability, add proof of stake, tie roots with smart contracts and use cases will hybridize and multiply. 

PeerSeeds is for inventors, entrepreneurs, tinkerers and curiosity mongers, not necessarily tech geniuses. The average person does not yet fully understand blockchain and how it can impact their daily processes of work or play. But with a few guided steps they can learn and participate in a blockchain oriented world.

PeerSeeds is a membership community for people to learn the basics of blockchain, use checklists to compare different ledgers, get peer review, prepare an idea, get a more specific professional review, prepare a white paper and learn of ICO potential. Finally, to possibly pitch to Silicon Valley venture capitalist companies focusing on blockchain startups. But “Peers” must follow the steps outlined by PeerSeeds to guarantee the viability of any business. While many benefits of the site are free to the public, members serious about submitting researched ideas must pay fees for certain higher end professional services. PeerSeeds is not a get- rich-quick-two-minute-ICO pitch kind of company, but it is a serious, scholarly, business oriented approach to mining our own imaginations for blockchain applications.  

PeerSeeds is a simplified guided blockchain incubator for the nonprogrammers of the world.  

I will consider investors and/or active board member positions filled by web/crypto space experts in all fields. PeerSeeds, itself, will not serve as a use case for XRP coin. It will be a community for inventors/great thinkers/idea makers because PeerSeeds is a nascient non-profit organization, everyone involved shares the same motivation to discover and nurture a healthy blockchain seed.

Don’t you want encourage people to be a part of the VERY FIRST members only guided blockchain idea incubator. What will bloom after several months of working with teams of people focused on blockchain applications? What might PeerSeeds help bring to the world? I want to know.

I’ve been exposed to incubators, business startups, business classes and economics. I was knee deep in the digital publishing revolution of the 1990’s in Seattle, so I know what’s ahead in terms of industry changes. I’m not a crypto genius, or a Silicon Valley girl (yet), I AM quite capable of dedicating at least 10-15 years of my life to bringing PeerSeeds into full fruition.

I anticipate being completely up and running in Q1 of 2019. I’m working on this and am ready to bring professionals in from the internet/crypto space. Things would go much faster if say, I had a little love from Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse and a little time of CTO David Schwartz. Things would also speed along with some Charles Hoskinson genius. How about a little Bezos, Zuckerberg, Ohanian action? Just saying, Bill Gates understands the need to pass information along before mass adoptions can happen. Maybe he will share sum Love.

PeerSeeds is a viable portal for blockchain ideas which all super tech companies, and you know who you are, can farm from? I think so. I’d like to follow in the footsteps of the Masters of Success and am offering this third party solution.

P.S. - My commitment to XRP Ledger is clearly conditional.  I’m offering Ripple the first right of refusal to invest in PeerSeeds, considering it is a mutually beneficial endeavor and to promote the emphasis on XRP Ledger apps while remaining inclusive of other ledgers. For questions on how the company generates/spends money to balance the books, a business plan, and a non-disclosure agreement, please contact me. If you are interested in being a part of PeerSeeds in any capacity, please contact me.

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I've always been told that a seed cannot grow unless the water actually gets down to it's level and makes contact. 

xSpring requires candidates be an already established business... so no, it's not the same. Unless that has changed. There are other differences as well. PeerSeeds is not in direct competition at all. In fact, I would say it would be the pre xSpring process. A complement to any ledger specific program. PeerSeeds, however, is not ledger exclusive so anyone can compare the pros and cons of which ledger would work best to meet the needs of their application. That's what a good technical consultant would be able to assist with. 

How totally appropriate that the assumption is that I took xSpring and put a new name on it, IMO. But thanks for the feedback. Always very egotistical and I would expect nothing less. 

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