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An Interesting Tweet Thread Regarding Regulation


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At this point ripple may have just come out of being a security with remmintance companies going live, coil, xpring, and other. I doubt the SEC would punish Ripple permanently when there production is moving forward while needing to come up with a way regulate blatant scam ICO's that are still white paper only ideas with no funtion being classified as a security. If the SEC is designed to protect investors from fraud regulating current securities before opening up ICO's to institutions maybe a strategy in order to regulate without injury while slowly building confidence in public sector by not being a threat to the industry. All I am saying is they probably will not come down with an iron fist on ripple if they did I would assume ripple would have to somehow sell or give away all remaining xrp so that the sell of xrp itself was not a profit motivator.

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