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'Short Story Contest Entry' XRP - It really was the community

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XRP - It really was the community

*The TV crew just left and after the interviewer was finished she asked me a couple more personal questions and then I realized after answering them that I had never wrote any of this down before, so here goes

July 2028 
Wedding speech - Trevor and Samantha Hexxarpé

Good evening everybody,
Your Mom's and Dad's asked me to "get up and say a few words" tonight because it's "kinda what I do for a living". 
Well, it's not really what I do for a living but it's close enough. I decided to take a different approach. I know you're all shocked right? 

X...R...P  Why xrp you ask? 
Well if it wasn't for the xrp community that both your parents were members of, you guys wouldn't have met.
So, I'm going to use this time to tell you my story. It's not that different than anybody else's here and yes it is too late to change your mind about me doing this.

It started almost 10 years ago. That first bull run caught everybody by surprise. It was great for those of us who were in early and reaped rewards fast. 
It was those earlier days that set the stage for what came after the explosion I am referring to in 2019 and the early 2020's.
I was still new to crypto currencies in general but knew after some research that XRP was the one to focus on. The thing that caught my eye before anything else was seeing the transactions per second against visa and banks and other crypto currencies.

I thought of Amazoogle and that if they were going to be adding one, it would most likely be XRP.
Then I learned more about the people at Ripple and was warmly welcomed into the community. This is when I first became aware of POTUS Brad Garlinghouse and VP David Schwartz. Believe it or not, the president used to have a beard and fans and admirers would travel from all around just to touch it and take pictures with him. True story
I realized that if I ran with Ripple, it could be a huge opportunity for me and my family.

To back up a bit, and make my story even more boring, my interest in tech started almost thirty years ago.
I remember the dot com bubble. I was living in the pacific north west at the time.
I lived in Vancouver in the late 90s and early 2000’s. I attended a new media school and did a bunch of courses related to the Internet and digital software. I knew people in the business and people who weren’t able to get work in the business because it became flooded and there were too many qualified people and not enough jobs.

I would talk to different people on a daily basis and it would go from chatting to poor students with debt versus hangin with millionaires. 
It was kind of weird in a way especially with how new the money was. The people that I knew who had money were recent graduates of the school that I was attending.
So that’s what everybody was chasing but it didn’t happen for most of us, we were too late.

Then over the next few years I saw wireless technology, YouTube, Google, Yahoo, MSN and then social media.
I had the knowledge and was kind of on the bleeding edge at the time. Similar to the early days with crypto currencies.
But I was poor, I had no money to invest and I just watched all of these things take off without me basically. It was frustrating to say the least.
Then in 2017 I discovered crypto currencies.
I found it really exciting the same way I found web technology exciting back then.
It gave me that same feeling.
Like this was about to be huge and there were only a small amount of people that really knew it.

And there may have only been a few people that built, maintained and grew the xrp community but we were intelligent, strong, loving and unstoppable. We defended it from attacks, complained to each other, helped each other when needed. Honestly, I can’t think of any other group I’ve been part of that IS as cool as the XRP community.
I love each and everyone of you.

And with that Trevor and Samantha, I'd like to propose a toast to you and the future you will build with each other.
Because of what your parents did for your family years ago, you are able to move into a beautiful house immediately with no monthly bills that you will have to worry about really. Some would say that's being spoiled. I beg to differ and say that it's love and support and wanting better for your kids than we all had.

I know this doesn't sound like a normal wedding speech but I thought some history and perspective would help you guys best going out into the world. Always help your friends and strangers.
We love you

Now let's party like it's 1999!


*That’s it for now, I’m getting tired and have an early flight tomorrow. I’ll see you turds at the bar, noonish?
Woo hoo
*Don't print this part

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