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by - Abhisaar Panjwani

This is a story of my time travel to the 2050

I started this journey from 2017 december making a spaceship which could help me time travel which is scientifically possible to go to the future making a spaceship that can travel at a very high speed i.e with the speed of light
which travels at 186,282 miles per second

It ws pretty fast and i risked my life to go to the future, as the the spaceship was small enough that i could hardly fit in, i didnt carry anything except my phone,and a few $

On 25th december 2k17 my spaceship launched and within few seconds i ws in the space and then to the earth back and to my surprise i ws in the future 
And the year was 2050 

I had a Fatigue due to the travel but i ws anxious enough to explore the future 

as i got to the roads none of them was walking 
Everyone ws travelling from a small levitating machine and the people were not too friendly
I doubt if it was due to some magnetic field

The buildings were magnificent 

I managed to go to a grocery shop and i had many questins to ask 
I looked very weird to the shopkeeper and i asked him about the various things like about the country and about those cars and i kept talikngto him and then bought some items from his shop 
I asked "how much for them?"
And to my surprise the answer was

" 8.75 nXRP saar! "
and i had a weird expression on My face 
After much further talk with him 
I came to know that 

One xrp is worth 170 billion of today’s US dollars. A nano XRP is the basic unit of currency, treated approximately how we would 1.5 Euros, $1.75 or ¥200.

and then one thing struck my mind that i had 200 XRP bough in 2k17 

my joy knew no bounds and i ws feeling like i was on cloud nine

xrp had been declared the worldwide currency in the year 2030 and none knew about the papercurrency or coins anymore

Everything was run by the blockchain technology and it was hackproof at that time 

I explored the 2k50 for few days and then i woke up! 

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